Document Type : Research Article


1 Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Tehran, Farabi Branch, Qom, Iran.

2 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Qom University, Qom, Iran.


Draft articles of International Law Commission (hereinafter ILC) on International Responsibility of States (2001) (ARSIWA) and International Organizations (2011) (ARIO) have considered responsibility for act of another party, called Derived Responsibility. Its scope is not clear enough, although being exclusive. In order to clarify the the scope of its application, the present article seeks to investigate the articles in the two said documents in connection with derived responsibility. Therefore, this will be dealt by comparative study of relevant articles in these two drafts. The comparative study of the two said drafts shows that, ‘Aid or Assistance’, ‘Direction and Control’, ‘Coercion’ and ‘Circumvention’ hav been regarded as the for scenario in respect of international organizations and states, the both. In spite of the fact that the cirumvention the international obligation has not been mentioned in arsiwa (2001), is also applicable to states. Derived responsibility in addition to the fundamental foundation of the law of international responsibility (ie derived responsibility), may lead to justice in the exercise of responsibility.


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